Seafood tastes delicious, is healthy and is incredibly easy to prepare. We have developed a number of BC seafood species information sheets that provide information on our most popular species. Learn about the nutritional value, how to prepare and recommended cooking methods for each species. Click on the links below to view the information.

PDF Downloads:
Salmon Species – comparison (pdf)
Albacore Tuna (pdf)
Blue Mussel (pdf)
Chinook Salmon (pdf)
Chum Salmon (pdf)
Clams (pdf)
Coho Salmon (pdf)
Dungeness Crab (pdf)
Farmed Atlantic Salmon (pdf)
Geoduck (pdf)
Pacific Halibut (pdf)
Pacific Herring (pdf)
Pacific Oyster (pdf)
Pacific Sardines (pdf)
Pink Salmon (pdf)
Sablefish (pdf)
Scallops (pdf)
Sea urchins (pdf)
Side Stripe Shrimp (pdf)
Sockeye Salmon (pdf)
Spot Prawns (pdf)